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With class and style, Jacqueline Maddison, takes viewers into the exclusive world of fame and fortune like it’s never been seen before, bringing all the elements of the magazine to the screen in Beverly Hills Magazine TV.

As a valued client of ours you have several television options to choose from. Our highly experienced production team will work with you to produce either a high quality full length 30 minute episode, a featured segment for broadcast networks, or 5-7 minute Mini-Feature digital segments shining the highest of light on your business, brand, product or service. The choice is yours!

We have partnered with ReachMe.TV a multi-channel, digital TV entertainment network and integrated global distribution platform built from the ground up to reach modern viewers on the go to offer Mini-Features aired in hotels, airports and online 24/7 around the world. They have also recently formed a distribution partnership with CBS Television Stations.

Find Beverly Hills Magazine TV on Reachme.TVWho Is Watching??? We reach hundreds of millions of viewers every month where they gather, shop, relax and connect, with dynamically distributed, in-screen TV quality entertainment. Viewership includes mobile, active, influencers. They are key decision-makers representing billions of dollars of purchasing power spent in and around the locations where they view our programming. The ReachMe TV channel can be seen in 85 airports in the United States and Canada, and is featured in over 800,000 hotel rooms across the United States, giving the 24/7, multi-channel, digital entertainment network a reach of over 1.6 billion travelers annually.

Get Your Mini-Feature Now! — It’s All About YOU!

All Things Luxury (This will include Yachts, Jets, Jewelry, Watches, Furniture and Technology).

Business Talk (Interviews with Business Leaders in All Industries)

Culinary Delights (Fine Dining & Restaurants)

Exclusive Escapes (Travel Destinations)

Fashion World (Style For Him & Her)

Fine Automobiles (Luxury Cars)

For A Good Cause (Highlighting Charities Around the World)

Healthy Living ( Health & Fitness)

Hollywood Spotlight (Celebrity Interviews)

Mega-Mansions (Luxury Real Estate)

True Beauty (Cosmetics, Products, & Accessories)

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