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Lovely Eyes of Beauty

Lovely Eyes of Beauty

No matter the season, neutral earth tones always create a perfect beauty look whether for evening style or day time too. Eye beauty is a simple way to draw attention to your face. With the right

My Perfect Makeup Beauty

My Perfect Beauty

Hello beautiful! Want to make your beauty shine? With these simple luxury beauty products you can complete your makeup bag, and look simply gorgeous day and night. The truth is we are all naturally

Makeup Must Haves


Ladies of the world, get these makeup must haves for your makeup bag and look like a Beauty Queen. The secret to looking your best is keeping your makeup subtle, which is why earth tones and soft lip

Hollywood Beauty Must Haves


Hollywood stars like Megan Fox are naturally beautiful, and some  may have enhanced their natural beauty in unnatural ways, but you don't have to go to such extremes. The secret to being beautiful is

Best Little Beauty Gifts

Best Little Beauty Gifts

These little big gifts are the perfect beauty accessories to give to girlfriends, sisters, mothers, or grandmothers. That’s right any lovely lady would be charmed to add these best little beauty to

Best Winter Beauty Look

Winter Beauty Looks

From runways to magazine's, we show you the hottest must-have beauty and makeup for the cooler seasons. This winter  you will not be overlooked, get the hottest beauty supplies this season, and dazzle

Luxury Beauty Products

 Our luxury beauty products blog top picks are CHANEL Makeup and Perfume The Brilliant Gold Rouge Coco Shine Lip Shimmer! Coco Chanel has always been a pioneer in luxury beauty products for men and

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